icon What do people have to say about Golden Springs?
"I've grown up in Golden Springs and it's easy for me to say that this church is a wonderful place. Not because of the pretty building, but because of the people inside of it. The opportunities we receive in the youth group like bible studies, worship services, mission trips, and camps are amazing blessings and have helped me learn so much about Jesus and what it means to love and look like Him. I've enjoyed getting to be part of Golden Springs and seeing God work in so many wonderful ways."
- Macie
"Golden Springs is mission-minded. They want to help you, your family, and those in need whether it's nearby or faraway. They want to be the hands and feet of Jesus to everyone with which they come in contact!"
- Suzanne
"For me, having a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior is top priority. I also believe finding meaningful fellowship, ways to grow as a Christian, and a loving church family are also important. I enjoy Pastor Roland preaching the Word bodly and teaching biblical truths through his sermons. Each service, he leads us to recite Matthew 22:37-39, which reminds us of God's greatest commandments, to love the Lord above all else, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. To be part of a loving congregation is such a comfort. We are not expected to be perfect, but we are encouraged to grow in the Word and to simply, love. Our daughter has taken advantage of almost everything the youth program has to offer! One of my biggest blessings has been watching her grow tremendously in her faith and build some of the most beautiful relationships with church members of all ages, as friends and mentors. From the beautiful building where we worship and the incredible staff that keep everything running smoothly to the welcoming and warm congregants, I'm grateful to call Golden Springs Baptist Church my home."
- Jill
"I first started coming to Golden Springs when I was 13. This church welcomed me in and helped me build my faith in Jesus to what it is today. I am so thankful for the youth group and the opportunities it has given me."
- Nicolas
"My wife, Drue, and I joined GSBC in the fall of 2021 after visiting for a couple of months. I’m not sure why we waited that long to join, because after only a couple of visits we felt as if we had found our church home.So many people from our new spiritual family had made us feel very welcome and were genuinely glad we were there. Since joining we have been involved in a Sunday school class/small group and have even able to volunteer with the student ministry known as SNL! We feel like the strengths of GSBC, and what drew us to the church, are the Biblical preaching each Sunday, the genuine care and love we felt from the ministers and the members, and the exciting things going on in the student ministry."
- Lee
"Golden Springs is and has been a huge blessing on my life and I feel like it has been for my wife and kids. Knowing that when I’m at church I’m going to learn and grow in my faith there and be challenged to show my faith in my everyday life.  From the first time we stepped inside the doors of the church and getting to hear the word of God, I knew I was right where I needed to be. Also knowing that the pastor truly loves and cares about the people in the church is a great feeling. I’ve been blessed by being able to be a small part of the youth and college classes. Getting to share with these kids and them also sharing their faith is an awesome thing. Also, knowing that we have a pastor and staff that stands beside you as a teacher for the youth and college students is a huge plus. I really can’t say enough about Golden Springs. I love my church!!"
- Scott